Unattended Ground Sensors from ARA

Applied Research Associates (ARA) Inc.

The E-UGS unattended ground sensors from Applied Research Associates (ARA) Inc., ARA Force Protection, Randolph, VT, are seismic sensors that can be deployed in seconds to provide perimeter protection for military bases, nuclear power plants, borders, or other secured areas. The sensors are disposable and provide live seismic sensing for up to 6 months; they communicate with a control/receiver and can be used for early detection of vehicles or people walking. The controller/receiver operates with a PC or laptop and shows maps with sensor locations and status alerts. The sensors are approximately the size of a coffee cup and use an algorithm that only detects human footsteps and moving vehicles.

Contact Info

Company: Applied Research Associates (ARA) Inc.
Country: United States (USA)
Phone number: 800-639-6315
Fax: 802-728-9671