Ultrasonic Gas-Flow Sensor Has A Highly Accurate Nose

CeramTec’s fully-assembled ultrasonic gas-flow sensors address the rising accuracy requirements of the expanding ultrasonic gas measurement market. Guaranteeing a greater degree of reciprocity between the devices, the sensors allow for the maximum sound to be transmitted into the medium over a wide frequency spectrum. Designed specifically for harsh environments, they offer high levels of resistance to toluene and other chemicals present in natural gas compositions, ensuring greater durability, increased longevity, and high levels of accuracy over time.


The sensors operate at frequencies from100 kHz to 500 kHz for the residential ultrasonic metering market with sensitivities to -50 dB or better. Additionally, the sensors exhibit bandwidths as wide as 50 kHz ±3dB for a 300-kHz ultrasonic transducer. For more details and specs, a gas-flow sensors product brief is available. For more info, contact CeramTec North America Corp., Laurens, SC. 864-682-3215 or [email protected]