Thermal Camera Handles Contract Work

A viable tool for contractors, home inspectors, and other trade professionals requiring an accurate diagnostic tool, the FLIR C3 thermal camera is a ruggedized, pocket-portable tool offering several features like both a visible and thermal camera. The unit includes the company’s unique MSX technology, which adds key details from the onboard visible light camera to the entire thermal image to create sharper thermal detail.


Additional thermal measurement features include higher thermal sensitivity for accurate temperature readings. Examples include the FLIR C3’s hot or cold spot feature, which helps users to quickly measure within a defined area box. Also included is a picture-in-picture function for comparing the thermal image against the visible image. Other features include Wi-Fi connectivity. Pricing for the FLIR C3 is $699.99. For more details and specs, an FLIR C3 datasheet is available for your leisurely perusal. FLIR Systems Inc., Wilsonville, OR. 877-773-3547