Temperature High Speed Signal Conditioners

JH Technology Inc.

JH Technology, Bradenton, FL, offers millisecond response temperature transmitters as part of the JH5000 Series DIN-rail transmitter line. Option HS (high speed) provides 1 millisecond response (95% complete). Faster response (or slower) is readily available on special order.

Standard signal conditioners respond relatively slowly, typically tenths of a second. This usually is good, as it filters out line frequencies, process fluctuations and unwanted noise. Most industrial temperature sensors, in fact, have typical response times of at least several seconds. Some experimental and test applications, however, need fast response. Examples include combustion studies, solar studies and some wind tunnel tests. In some unusual situations rapid control might also be needed. In these applications small, fast responding sensors are used such as fine-gauge thermocouple wire. Option HS provides correspondingly fast electronics.

The all-analog design uses a fast, precision linear optocoupler to provide galvanic input isolation and avoids the processing delay inherent in most microprocessor approaches. This option is also available for DC, strain gauge, potentiometer and other inputs.

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