Strain Sensors from Columbia Research Labs

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Columbia Research Labs, Inc.

Series DT3747 sensors from Columbia Research Laboratories Inc., Woodlyn, PA, are customized to measure the circumferential strain around the diameter of the surface to which they are mounted. Sensors are self-temperature-compensating and offer a choice of cylindrical mounting radius; the specified mounting radius is custom molded into the body of the sensor to provide accurate alignment during mounting. Sensor models are available to compensate materials commonly used in aircraft structural fabrication and can be used in industrial and military applications, such as measuring pipe expansion, explosive body, aircraft surface load, and engine monitoring. (800-813-8471, fax 610-872-3882, [email protected],

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Company: Columbia Research Labs, Inc.
Country: United States (USA)
Phone number: 800-813-8471
Fax: 610-872-3882