Solar Module Heralds New Era Of Mono PERC Bifacial Technology

LONGi Solar’s latest solar module, the Hi-MO2, boasts high power, high energy yield and low LCOE. Its maker claims it will start a new era of high efficiency monocrystalline PERC bifacial power generation technology. Hi-MO2 is a bifacial power generation product developed based on monocrystalline bifacial PERC technology; the power of the 72-cell module reaches 360-365W, while the power of the 60-cell module reaches 300-305W. The front side is equivalent to conventional PERC with cell efficiency exceeding 21%. Meanwhile, the back side adopts a glass package, achieving bifacial light reception and power generation. Backside efficiency is no less than 75% that of the front side. The backside can increase energy yield up to 25% (varying with the design and background condition of the PV system), and can bring higher returns to the investors. For more info, go to