Smart Sensors Mind Data Center Health

Raritan’s SmartSensors line of monitoring sensors provide data center operators an accurate picture of environments at the rack, aisle, and facility level, and of potential risks.  The sensors can monitor a cabinet's temperature, humidity, airflow, and air pressure, as well as detect water leaks, vibrations, and unauthorized openings of cabinet doors.


The next-generation environmental sensors boast the industry's highest metering accuracy at ±0.5°C for temperature sensors and ±2.5% for relative humidity sensors. SmartSensors come in varied configurations such as a combined temperature and humidity sensor and sensors that detect water leaks and vibrations.  For security, contact closure sensors are available to monitor cabinet door openings/closings.


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For additional insight, information gathered by the sensors can be monitored and analyzed by Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) software for tracking trends and generating reports. Users, for example, can on a dashboard compare the data from sensors to the environmental envelope of a psychrometric chart to ensure that adequate cooling is where it needs to be.


Raritan SmartSensors are available worldwide.  For deeper insights, watch the video below and peruse the SmartSensors datasheet.



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