Single Board Computer from Bright Star Engineering

Single Board Computer from Bright Star Engineering
Bright Star Engineering

The p2Engine from Bright Star Engineering, Woburn, MA, is a credit-card-sized SBC module based around Freescale's 400 MHz MPC5200B processor. The board's size lets you use it as a building block in small form factor embedded applications requiring CAN, J1850, Ethernet, PCI, and USB. It incorporates the processor, 64 MB of DRAM, 4 MB of NOR Flash, 128 MB NAND Flash, a PCI controller, USB interface, and 10/100 Ethernet interface. Software support includes a Linux kernel and custom distribution as well as a full development suite with sources and tool chain.

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Company: Bright Star Engineering
Phone number: 617-224-4950
Fax: 617-224-4999

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