Servo Inclinometers from Sherborne Sensors

Servo Inclinometers from Sherborne Sensors
Sherborne Sensors

Sherborne Sensors Ltd., Basingstoke, U.K., offers the Series T435 single-axis, high-precision, closed-loop, gravity-referenced servo inclinometer family designed for downhole logging applications or space-constrained applications. The devices are 1.6 in. high, <1.46 in. dia., and can be stacked for simultaneous X and Y measurement of tilt angles. Models are available in ranges from ±3° to ±90°. Output is a high-level DC signal proportional to the sine of the available angle of tilt. Units are fully self-contained and can connect to a DC power source and readout or control device. Sensors can withstand a 1500 g shock event.

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Company: Sherborne Sensors
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