Sensors Expo & Conference 2019: In A Noisy World, Signal Conditioning Keeps Sensors Honest

When you consider the variety of signals floating all around us, it’s a noisy environment we are living in. Between the audible signals generated by any number of machinations and the inaudible signals generated and received by our wireless devices, it makes for a challenging environment for maintaining a modicum of signal purity. But there are ways of keeping one’s sensor signals accurate and honest. Here’s an easy way to learn how. 

At Sensors Expo & Conference 2019 in San Jose, CA, on Thursday June 27, from 2:30 pm to 3:20 pm PST, you should attend the session titled “From Sensor to Cloud: Practical considerations for Signal Conditioning Over Data Acquisition to Cloud Solutions” presented by Martin Stierli, Product Manager of DAQ Solutions for the Kistler Instrument Corp. and William Zwolinski Head of Test & Measurement, Americas for  Kistler Instrument Corp. These experts in the field of test & measurement and signal conditioning will walk attendees through all the important steps of a measuring chain from sensor to cloud, discuss potential pitfalls, and demonstrate practical examples. 

Martin Stierli holds a degree in electrical engineering from the University of Applied Sciences in Rapperswil SG, Switzerland. He was the R&D Development Engineer & Project Manager for electronic halogen lamp drivers and LED converters at Tridonic, Zumtobel Group followed by assuming the position of Global Product Manager for el. HID lamp drivers at Tridonic.


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Currently, Martin is the Product Manager of Signal Conditioning at Kistler Instruments. He is responsible for the generic Test & Measurement laboratory amplifiers and is the Product Manager of DAQ Solutions at, responsible for the Test & Measurement DAQ & electronics PM team

William Zwolinski earned an M. Sc.EE from The University of Connecticut with a specialization in Signal Processing and Controls. Bill currently Heads up Test and Measurement at Kistler of the America’s. Before Kistler, Bill was Chief Engineer at Textron Defense Systems, responsible for the technology upgrade for Aircraft Carrier Landing Systems. In addition, he has held lead RDT&E positions at Bell Aerospace Textron, Calspan Advanced Technology Center and the US Navy Underwater Systems Center working various electrical /mechanical systems activities.

Regarding Sensors Expo & Conference, Martin points out, “It’s the first time I’m attending and presenting together with my colleague Bill Zwolinski. The audience matches perfectly with our target group. Smart and innovative people who are looking for solutions for their challenging measuring tasks.” 

He adds, “Our session goes through all the important steps of a measuring chain from sensor to cloud. We discuss potential pitfalls and show some practical examples. Essential for every measurement is understanding the basics of the whole measuring chain. Crucial for any measurement is the correct sensor, a proper signal conditioning strategy, and selecting appropriate data acquisition hardware providing a high resolution and suitable sample rates. Then a smart cloud application can provide added value.” 

The most important concept Mr. Stierli wants attendees to learn and value from his session is, “No matter how sophisticated analysis algorithms get and how much computing power is available, it is still vital to understand all stages in a measuring chain. If information gets lost before it reaches the actual software, there is no way to compensate afterwards.” 

Kistler will also be exhibiting, “Kistler Instrument Corp. presents its new data acquisition system KiDAQ in booth 1415 together with piezoelectric force, pressure and acceleration sensors, and the powerful post processing analysis software jBEAM. And, of course we will have a look at other companies’ innovations at the exhibition since we love technology and are always open to get inspired by new concepts – be it in the mechanical, electrical or software domain.” 

In essence, to all “ye of dirty signals”, you need to attend this session. But to do so, there’s a two-step dance involved, and you don’t a good sense of rhythm to do it. Step One: register for Sensors Expo. Step two, attend the “From Sensor to Cloud: Practical considerations for Signal Conditioning Over Data Acquisition to Cloud Solutions” session Thursday June 27, from 2:30 pm to 3:20 pm PST. Now, you don’t need dancing lessons to do that two stepper. Go, register, learn, ……. and dance your way to innovation. ~MD

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