Self-Powered Bluetooth Sensor Performs Intelligent Lighting Control

EnOcean’s Easyfit (EMDCB) solar-powered occupancy sensor for Bluetooth lighting control systems is said to be the first of its kind on the market. The ceiling-mounted solar-powered occupancy sensor (PIR) will be the first self-powered Bluetooth occupancy sensor on the market integrating the company’s energy harvesting technology.


The self-powered sensor uses a passive infrared (PIR) sensor to detect motion and integrates tiny solar cells to harvest ambient light. These solar cells generate the energy for the sensor’s operation making it self-powered and maintenance-free. An energy storage element stores the harvested energy bridging a period when no light is available to ensure an uninterrupted operation.


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Besides occupancy detection, the sensor integrates a light sensor that allows light level control based on the actual light intensity. Like the battery-free Easyfit switches, the sensor also has a Near Field Communication (NFC) interface to be easily integrated and commissioned for lighting control systems via a NFC reader, a smartphone or a tablet.


In addition, the EMDCB offers advanced security mechanisms for protected data communication. The sensor’s algorithm uses AES 128 authentication based on the device-unique random security key to generate a 32-bit signature which is transmitted as part of the radio telegram. Therefore, all transmitted radio telegrams are authenticated via AES 128 to ensure data integrity and authenticity. For more info, visit EnOcean.