Security Siren Delivers Visual Alert

Transducers USA’s Tonelight Security Alarm packs dual notifiers: a red or green strobe light and a loud siren.  This combination visual and audio alert system provides an additional level of security and/or notification as an enhanced annunciator. 


The TRIP-6692 system provides dual notification for any number of events including:


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  • Equipment operations started, halted or completed
  • Laboratory operations started, halted or completed
  • Production start-ups, completions, jams, or procedural shut-downs
  • Process operation events – completions, below or above limit conditions, and more
  • Security or safety conditions for institutions, such as hospitals, schools, military and government offices
  • Exterior perimeter intrusion
  • Access control intrusion notification
  • Mobile alerts
  • Area lockouts
  • “All Clear” notification


The siren and strobe light alerts can operate simultaneously or separately, and the sound can be delayed for workspace-friendly warnings. Models include:

  • TRIP-6692R includes a red lens, and the siren and strobe light operate together.
  • TRIP-6692LG includes a green lens, and the siren and strobe light operate together.
  • TRIP-6692RLS includes a red lens, and the siren and strobe light are each wired individually for separate operation.


Available in a package measuring 5 in. x 3 in. x 1.5 in., the TRIP-6692R weighs four ounces.  The alarm generates over 100 dB at 30 cm of wave siren output, along with its red strobe light with an operating frequency range of 2.4 to 3.7 kHz.  The package includes a two-wire lead and a three-wire lead (TRIP-6692RLS) and is configured for industry-standard junction box panel mounting.


Specifications include:

  • Rated Voltage: 12 Vdc
  • Operating Voltage: 6  to 15 Vdc
  • Max. Rated Current: 300 mA
  • Operating Frequency 2.4 to 3.7 kHz
  • Min. Sound Pressure Level: 110 dB ±3 dB


For more details, visit Transducer USA.