Quasi-Piezoelectric Coaxial Cable Sensor Enables More Smart Applications

The C-Series quasi-piezoelectric coaxial cable’s design ensures self-shielding for use in high EMI environments. It has a unique, strong electromechanical response from the cellular ferroelectret polymer, allowing compression, stretch or vibration to generate a charge or voltage proportional to the stress.  The cable can be spliced using standard coaxial splicing techniques. Extremely rugged, EMFIT's C-Series cable stands up to heavy loads and water. It includes a narrow band of EMFIT's proprietary electroactive material wound around the inner conductor comprised of 20 AWG stranded silver-plated copper wire. The cable is then braided, and jacketed with an extruded high-density polyethylene. Various lengths are available, with a standard spool of 50 meters.


Emfit Corp.

Austin, TX 78734