Pulseable IR Emitters Enhance Miniature Sensors

Pulseable IR Emitters Enhance Miniature Sensors
Laser Components USA Inc.

Expanding the company’s diamond-like source series pulseable IR emitters is a chip smaller chip than the large DLSxxxX2224 chip. Suitable for use in handheld devices and with miniature sensors, the small DLSxxxX0808 chip consumes 250 Mw, one third that of its larger counterpart, and emits a wavelength from 2 µm to 13 µm. For more details, visit
http://www.lasercomponents.com/de-en/news/diamonds-are-the-infrareds-best-friend. A datasheet is also available at http://www.lasercomponents.com/fileadmin/user_upload/home/Datasheets/lcd/dls200e0808.pdf  

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