Programmable Safety Controller from Tapeswitch

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Tapeswitch Corp.

The PCU programmable safety controller from Tapeswitch Corp., Farmingdale, NY, unifies the management of safety products into a single safety system at a CAT 4 safety level. Some of the company's sensors are rated CAT 3. The device can control safety products such as safety switch mats, edges, bumpers, switches, noncontact interlocks, laser scanners, light curtains, 2-hand controls, photocells, emergency stops, hand-grip switches, encoders, and proximity sensors. It is available in expandable configurations, built around the PCU/1 main stand-alone unit and PCUEU/1 12-input, 8 test output expansion units. System software is capable of programming logic control functions. The PCU meets SIL 3, SIL CL 3, PLe, and Category 4 machine safety requirements and is CE, UL, and cUL certified.

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Company: Tapeswitch Corp.
Country: United States (USA)
Phone number: 800-234-8273
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