Position Monitoring System from AME

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Advanced Machine & Engineering Co.

The OTT/JAKOB analog position monitoring system from Advanced Machine & Engineering Co., Rockford, IL, is attached to a CNC machine to detect whether your tools are clamped, unclamped, or not present. An analog sensor attaches to the drawbar to monitor performance and wear and communicates with an electronic unit attached to the CNC machine controller to transmit the data. The system can increase tool head accuracy and longevity by monitoring cycles and hours, indicating whether your tools are properly held. Components include the cylindrical analog inductive sensor, sensor electronics, and a position controller. (815-316-5277, fax 815-962-6483, [email protected], www.ame.com)

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Company: Advanced Machine & Engineering Co.
Country: United States (USA)
Phone number: 815-316-5277
Fax: 815-962-6483