Physiological Monitor from Hidalgo

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Hidalgo Ltd.

The EQ02 LifeMonitor from Hidalgo Ltd., Swavesey, U.K. is a multiparameter ambulatory monitoring device that senses, records, monitors, and intelligently processes data captured from the human and transmits the data over a wired or wireless interface. The device can simultaneously output ECG, heart rate, and R-R interval; respiratory rate; skin temperature; accelerometer X, Y, Z; body position, motion status, and fall alert; and device alarm and subject alerts. Using external sensors communicating with the device via the LifeMonitor Body Area Network (BAN), the device can also measure oxygen saturation, galvanic skin response, core temperature, dermal temperature, and location (using GPS). The 38 g device is 78 by 53 by 10 mm, has 8 GB of memory, and communicates using Class 1 Bluetooth 2.1 with a 100 m operating range.

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