Passive Frequency Doubler Flaunts Excellent Fundamental Isolation

Boasting of remarkable fundamental isolation i.e., Fo Isolation in reference to an input level of 44 dB, the CMD226N3 broadband frequency doubler covers an input frequency range from 7 GHz to 11 GHz (C-,X, input ;Ku-, and K-band output). The 3Fo and 4Fo isolation are at least 48 dBc and 50 dBc, respectively. The device’s low conversion loss and aforementioned Fo isolation make it desirable for use in military radar, SMDS, SATCOM, VSAT, and LO chains for point-to-point microwave/millimeter-wave radio in cellular backhaul applications.


Residing in a QFN-style package, the GaAs MMIC CMD226N3 is a x2 passive frequency multiplier offering broadband performance. With a drive level of +15 dBm, it offers 9 dBm of conversion loss at 18 GHz. Temperature stable, the conversion gain varies less than 2 dB from nominal across the entire frequency band of operation, and is also said to be very stable under varying drive conditions. Other features include a 50Ω matched design on chip--removing the necessity to RF port match this device.


If you are in need of more specs and details, you may want to check out a CMD226N3 datasheet offered by the device’s maker, Custom MMIC.


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