Parylene Coating Is Halogen-Free

Specialty Coating Systems has developed a halogen-free variant of Parylene. Addressing industry trends and regulations, ParyFree supports global initiatives that continue to drive toward the elimination of halogens in electronics.


Like other commercially-available Parylene variants, ParyFree is applied through a vapor deposition process that results in an ultra-thin, uniform, pinhole-free conformal coating. The thin film forms at a molecular level to fully encapsulate components and devices, offering complete protection and increased reliability.


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To verify its efficacy as a halogen-free material, SCS ParyFree coatings were tested in accordance with BS EN 14582:2007 at an independent testing facility. The results show that there are no detectable levels of chlorine, bromine, fluorine or iodine, validating the coating’s use in halogen-free applications.


In addition, SCS ParyFree-coated electronics have been shown to meet IPX7 and IPX8 test requirements. To learn more, visit Specialty Coating Systems and/or call 317-244-1200.