Optical Loss Test Set Relies on App and Cloud Accessibility

LASER COMPONENTS introduces the smart concept for fiber optic measurement technology of its partner AFL. This consists of Optical Loss Test Sets (OLTS) measurement modules that are inserted into the ROGUE® measurement platform that are configurable and operable via a smartphone or tablet. The measurement results can be saved on the device itself or in the Cloud (aeRos). The OLTS measurement sets make it possible to perform bidirectional measurements of insertion loss (IL), optical return loss (ORL), and the length of the fiber with two wavelengths each. Automated measurements of MPO and MTP-based cables can be quickly carried out via a controllable switch.


The measurement sets are available in different designs: Multi-mode or single-mode versions can be selected as a single-channel model for a bidirectional test via a fiber or as a dual-channel model for bidirectional measurement via a fiber pair. For more information, visit http://www.lasercomponents.com/de-en/product/rogueTM-test-platform