Online Thermal Calculators Cool Down Design Times

Ametherm introduces calculators to its website that allow design engineers to quickly determine the beta value of NTC thermistors and their temperature coefficient and resistance temperature characteristics using the Steinhart-Hart Equation. A thermistor's beta value indicates the shape of the curve representing the relationship between the device's resistance and temperature. Beta value is used to calculate temperature coefficient of the thermistor, which in turn, is used in calculating the temperature accuracy of the thermistor.


The temperature coefficient of a thermistor is used when calculating its tolerance in terms of temperature. With Ametherm's Temperature Coefficient (Alpha) Calculator, designers can determine the tolerance at any temperature for any given beta value. With the Steinhart and Hart Calculator, the temperature for any given resistance can be calculated using coefficients based on three measurements — low-, mid-, and high-temperature.


To get started, go to the calculator page and start calculating. For more details, you can call the company direct at 800-808-2434.