Next-Gen Ultracapacitors Construct Versatile 3V Platform

Maxwell Technologies, creating what it calls a new full-featured 3V product platform, is introducing its next generation ultracapacitors. According to the company, users can increase energy and power in the same form factor as the 2.7-volt product line and can significantly cost-optimize their system designs by using fewer ultracapacitor cells or modules.


Alternatively, users can upgrade to a 3V solution to extend the expected life of their products. The platform is designed for single-cell applications as well as multi-cell complex module systems.  


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The 3V platform addresses energy storage requirements driven by trends in renewable energy, industrial electrification and smart grid. It includes small cells used in actuators, emergency lighting, telematics, automotive, backup systems, smart meter and robotic applications. The 3V small cells are an expansion of Maxwell's XP brand, giving the same performance as the Gen 1 XP line but with a more user-friendly design.


The 3V, 3-farad (3F), 5F, 10F, 25F and 50F products are sampling now, with additional small, medium and large cells coming out soon to further expand the 3.0V platform.


For more details, visit Maxwell Technologies.

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