New Hosted Service

RAE Systems Inc. (, a global provider of rapidly deployable, multisensor chemical and radiation detection monitors and networks, has launched RAEShare, a hosted service that provides first responders and security officers true data integration and portability. RAEShare is designed to aggregate and store sensor data from numerous RAE Systems' AreaRAE networks, and it allows users to share this real-time data through a secure online interface with experts in remote locations. Wireless AreaRAE sensor networks are currently used for HazMat response, public venue protection, indoor air security, and environmental fenceline monitoring.

"Data compatibility and interoperability when responding to a HazMat spill or terrorist incident is critical. The RAEShare service delivers life-critical information in seconds and enables real-time decision-making for emergency response and community protection, trend analysis for long-term environmental studies at fenceline and industrial settings, and corporate-level safety monitoring for public venues and remote facilities," says Bob Durstenfeld, director of corporate marketing for RAE Systems. "Since RAEShare is a Web-hosted solution, first responders and industrial hygienists can access aggregated sensor data and leverage remote expertise anywhere in the world, even using mobile phone service if no network connection is present."