Multi-Pixel Gas Sensor Expands Environmental Monitoring Possibilities

Based on Sensirion’s unique MOXSens technology, the SGP gas sensor offers impressive long-term stability and multi-pixel technology that that promises to open up new possibilities for environmental monitoring. According to the company, traditional metal-oxide gas sensors are plagued by poor long-term stability caused through irreversible contamination by siloxanes. Proprietary MOXSens technology provides the SGP sensor with high levels of protection against these contaminants, resulting in notable long-term stability and accuracy.


The sensor targets a plethora of smart home, appliance, and Internet of Things (IoT) applications. It features two calibrated air quality signals and on-chip humidity compensation. In addition, with the SGPC3 is heralded as a low power solution that makes it viable for mobile, battery-powered applications.


The company offers application notes and example code, plus SGP evaluation kits are available through Sensirion’s distribution network. For further details, pricing, and specs, contact Sensirion in the US in Westlake Village, CA at 1-805-409-4900 or Chicago, IL at 1-312-690-5858.