Miniaturized Sensor Dies Wiggle Into Automotive Designs

TDK’s EPCOS MEMS C33 miniaturized pressure sensor dies measure 1 mm x 1 mm x 0.4 mm and handle absolute pressures from 1.2 bar to 10 bar. Qualified to AEC-Q101, typical operating voltage is 3V. With a supply voltage of 5V they offer sensitivities between 15 mV/bar and 80 mV/bar, depending on the type. The sensors are suitable for a temperature range from -40°C to +135°C and can withstand +140°C for short periods. They also offer a long-term stability of ±0.35% FS.


The C39 type, with its footprint of just 0.65 mm x 0.65 mm is suitable for IoT and consumer applications. A noteworthy feature is its low insertion height of 0.24 mm. The C39 is designed for an absolute pressure of 1.2 bar and also offers a long-term stability of ± 0.35% FS. All the pressure sensor dies operate on the piezoresistive principle and deliver, via a Wheatstone bridge, an analog signal that is proportional to the applied pressure and the supply voltage. For further information, datasheets are available for the C33 and C39.