METTLER TOLEDO Is 3X/4X Award Winner

METTLER TOLEDO has again been named “Best Weighing Company” and “Best Laboratory Scale/Balance” in the Weighing Review Reader’s Choice Awards. This year’s field included 36 nominated companies and 61 nominated weighing solutions. Votes were received from 69 countries. METTLER TOLEDO has garnered wins in the Best Weighing Company category for the last three years and has won best laboratory balance/scale since the awards’ inception in 2014. XPR micro and ultra-mirco balances topped the 2017 laboratory balance/scale list.


XPR benefits include a new weighing pan designed for easier cleaning and a two-screen system that allows flexible placement of the main screen for heightened ergonomics and user convenience. “It is our hope that these features, combined with pristine micro-range accuracy, help to create a new level of productivity for companies that handle small samples,” said Mr. Tonani.


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