Market Research on Consumer Uptake of Wireless

DUBLIN, Ireland--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Research and Markets has announced the addition of "Consumer Electronics Applications Report Q2 2007" to their offering.

This report analyzes and forecasts the consumer electronics applications segments likely to adopt emerging wireless technologies.

The report forecasts the overall market as well as providing an analysis and forecast of the impact of Certified Wireless USB (UWB), Bluetooth, and WiFi on the consumer electronics sector.

The report also details unit shipments by specific application including game consoles and adapters, handheld games, digital cameras, and portable media players.

Products Mentioned:

  • Bluetooth
  • Bluetooth w/UWB
  • Certified Wireless USB
  • Digital Cameras
  • Gaming and Bluetooth
  • UWB
  • WiFi (IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n

Executive Summary
Introduction to Wireless Connectivity Markets
Assessment of Wireless Connectivity Technologies in the Consumer Space
Role of DLNA in Developing Wireless-enabled Consumer Electronics
Unforseen Market Demand Building for Wireless Connectivity
Gaming and Bluetooth
Digital Cameras and UWB
WiFi in Consumer Electronics
The Effect of Wireless Sensor Networks on the Consumer Electronics Market
Market Forecasts

Tables & Figures
Competing Wireless Connectivity Protocols by Application
Analysis of Component Market Leaders by Technology
Consumer Electronics Wireless Connectivity Applications
Bluetooth in Gaming Market Forecast (2005-2012)
UWB in Digital Cameras Market Forecast (2005-2012)
WiFi in Consumer Electronics Forecast (2005-2012)
Typical Housing Characteristics - New vs. Retrofit
WiFi in Consumer Electronics Forecast (2005-2012)
WiFi in Fixed Consumer Electronics Forecast (2005-2012)—includes game consoles and game adapters
WiFi in Portable Consumer Electronics Forecast (2005-2012)—includes game consoles and game adapters
UWB in Consumer Electronics Forecast (2005-2012)
Bluetooth in Consumer Electronics Forecast (2005-2012)

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