M2M Wireless Gateway from Laird Technologies

Laird Technologies Inc.

The APG BT W400 wireless access point gateway from Laird Technologies Inc., St. Louis, MO, is suited for use in M2M wireless communications and for connecting Bluetooth-enabled devices in a PAN to IP network via Ethernet or WLAN interface. The gateway offers four Class 1 Bluetooth modules, Ethernet, and WLAN communication and is built on an embedded Linux OS. With a multi-radio modular architecture, the gateway can bridge two different networks, aggregate data from up to 28 nodes, and enable data processing. It is designed to act as a network node and can bridge most common types of wireless, network, and serial data protocols for remote DA and control.

Contact Info

Company: Laird Technologies Inc.
Country: United States (USA)
Phone number: 800-634-2673