LVIT Position Sensors Pump For Industrial Chores

The LV-45 series inductive, contactless linear position sensor employs LVIT technology and is desirable for use in harsh, industrial measuring applications. These include measuring position of steam turbine valves, mounting in a paper mill head box or calendar roll stand, or outdoors fastened to a building, bridge or structure.


Relying on a proprietary inductive technology that allows the LV-45 to replace traditional DC-LVDTs in most applications, its simple coil design permits the sensor to be both shorter and more rugged than its DC-LVDT counterpart while operating over a wider temperature range. The series is available with optional mounting flanges, rod eye ends, connector or cable terminations, and a captive connecting rod assembly that cannot break loose. Additionally, the SenSet range adjustability feature allows users to scale the sensor's zero and full span output to the actual range of motion of the workpiece being measured after the sensor is installed.


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Specifications and features include:

  • Operating temp range -40C to 85C
  • Ranges from 100-450mm with various analog outputs
  • Double shaft seals to keep dirt and grime out of the bore
  • ½-20 UNF externally threaded core rod- the core is captivated so it can't come out
  • Axial or radial connector or cable terminations
  • SenSet™ range adjustability
  • 1.75 inch (44.5 mm) outer diameter body with 5 mm wall thickness
  • 1/2-20 UNF threaded or rod eye end connecting rod
  • Optional mounting hardware

Should you lust for more enlightenment, an LV-45 datasheet is available for viewing needs.


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