LVDT Linear Position Sensor Shines In Severe Situations

The LA-25-A series LVDT linear position sensors handle extreme industrial environments. They are available in ranges from 3 in. (75 mm) to 15 in. (375 mm) and come in a sturdy one-inch (25.4 mm) diameter heavy wall housing of aluminum or stainless steel. Two double-contact seals keep fluids and solid contaminants out of its bore, and users have a choice of axial connectors or a cable in a metal cord grip. The LA-25-A series permits a variety of mountings, including standard saddle-type clamps, a two-hole flange that screws onto its front bushing, and a single hole mount through a bulkhead up to 1/8 inch thick. The LA-25-A's core is enclosed in a core extension rod assembly from which it can never break loose, while offering a sturdy male thread for easy mechanical connection. When mated with ASG's SC-100 industrial LVDT DIN-rail-mountable signal conditioner, an LA-25-A LVDT becomes an ideal solution for heavy duty industrial applications for position sensing. For more details and specs, take a look at the LA-25-A datasheet.


Alliance Sensors Group

Moorestown, NJ