Long-Range Fine Positioning Sensor from SICK

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The OLM from SICK Inc., Minneapolis, MN, is a distance measurement positioning sensor used for high-speed, high-precision positioning of overhead cranes, rail and transfer cars, monorails, shuttles, elevators, and other vehicles. The OLM uses a linear bar code tape for positioning, allowing users to position vehicles with 0.1 mm resolution at distances up to 10 km with more than 6 miles of unique positions. The 4 LEDs and CMOS camera last longer than lasers and rotating mirror technology and the OLM lets the vehicle be positioned around curves and inclines, where traditional laser measurement systems cannot be used.

Contact Info

Company: SICK Inc.
Country: United States (USA)
Phone number: 800-325-7425
Fax: 952-941-9287

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