Locate Sensor Enables Supply Chain Transparency And Efficiency

The Savi Locate Sensors are offered at a price point below $50 for 100 or more, making them affordable to organizations that seek supply chain transparency and efficiency by tapping into the power of the IoT and analytics. The sensors provide location and timestamp in milliseconds for real time visibility and precise estimated time of arrival for any shipment, in any mode.  In addition, Savi can use data from third party sensors, electronic logging devices (ELD), GPS and electronic data interchange (EDI) data to provide the most comprehensive and reliable visibility for the modern supply chain. Savi also offers a tamperproof and environmental-safe sensor, Savi Secure.  Both sensors are tightly integrated with Savi Visibility – for real-time Visibility and Savi Insight to provide the trustworthy data for live streaming facts on goods in transit.



Alexandria, VA