Linear Actuators Boost Throughput By 400%

WITTENSTEIN's latest linear actuator with integrated ball screw is said to increase throughputs by as much as 400% and offers maintenance-free precision positioning in a compact package. The unique design encloses the servo motor, ball screw, linear guides, and encoder system, to form a highly integrated and ready-to-install unit. This integrated design makes these motors viable for positioning, joining, bending, gripping and dispensing applications for semiconductor, packaging, and assembly automation industries. The 100% stainless steel design with IP65 protection is designed for food and beverage applications, such as highly precise bottling lines.


Each of the four sizes (outside diameter 17 mm, 22 mm, 32 mm or 40 mm) achieves notable acceleration values, which can be two to four times greater than current industry benchmarks. This results in increased cycle rates and machine throughputs in a very small space by as much as 400 percent. The integral design allows for much lower mass of inertia due to the elimination of a coupling device between motor and ball screw. It can achieve positioning accuracy up to 0.05 mm, and repeatability up to 0.01 mm. In addition, the permanent lubrication makes the units maintenance-free.