Introducing the Spider Solution: Total Drone Package for Power Line Stringing

SHENZHEN, China --- MMC is introducing their one-stop solution for power line stringing in rugged terrain: the Spider. The MMC Spider package is an innovation in the drone industry, providing not only a high-powered industrial drone but pre-sales training, project and flight planning, operation by a professional team of pilots, and full after-sales service.

The Spider drone is made specifically for power line stringing, offering a comprehensive set of features for projects in all terrains:
•Intelligent drop device, with obstacle avoidance;
•Longer flight endurance and higher payload, accommodating standard 3mm leading line;
•Autonomous flight features;
•Grade 5 wind resistance and a rain resistant, carbon fiber option;
•A plug-and-play system of interchangeable payloads.

The Spider solution's low cost and low environmental impact has been used in many regions rushing to provide electricity to remote areas. With a large team of pilots based across Asia, MMC has helped power companies complete projects across the continent.

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