Intelligent Video Camera Tracking Makes Meeting Experiences Real

Polycom’s EagleEye Director II promises to add a life-like look and feel to virtual meetings. Designed for teams to focus on the people in the room, not the technology, this latest solution quite literally lets the camera do most of the work. Meeting participants no longer need to worry about managing the meeting using cumbersome remote controls. Instead, the camera frames and zooms-in on active speakers allowing for more natural conversation and greater interaction among participants, enabling them to see facial expressions and body language more clearly.


Using Polycom's intelligent speaker tracking and facial recognition technology, the EagleEye Director II automatically scans the room during a meeting to identify and focus on active meeting participants. When someone in the virtual meeting starts to speak, the camera seamlessly transitions to an up-close view of that person. A similar approach to what happens when cameras film a TV production and zooms in on the actor delivering their lines.


For more, view the EagleEye Director II Overview