Inspection And Repair Program Rolls fast And Easy

Q.E.D. Environmental Systems offers the Fast-N-Easy Inspection and Repair Program for its LANDTEC portable gas analyzers. The program promises to simplify the inspection and repair process, improving turnaround times on inspections and repairs, and saving money. The Fast-N-Easy flat-rate fee allows QED to include several extras such as a complimentary water trap kit and a replacement shipping box, if needed. One-year service contracts for LANDTEC portable gas analyzer customers will be phased out, though QED will honor existing contracts until they are complete. QED will still offer three-year contracts for the 5000 series analyzer. Features of the program include: simplified procedure, improved completion times for repairs and calibrations, improved ability to budget for annual calibration/repair, cost savings (parts that were previously billed separately are now included), free return freight, and an improved overall experience. For more information, visit



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