InGaAs Sandwich Photodiode from GPD Optoelectronics

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GPD Optoelectronics Corp.

GPD Optoelectronics Corp., Salem, NH, offers a 2 by 2 mm InGaAs sandwich detector assembly for noncontact optical pyrometry. The device has a customized 1.7 µm cutoff wavelength sensor for the top InGaAs photodiode while the bottom InGaAs photodiode's spectral response can be selected from 1.7 µm to 2.6 µm cutoff wavelength, depending on your requirements. The device uses the ratio principle for temperature measurement, providing temperature measurements independent of the target's emissivity over wide ranges, a target area that can be smaller than the detector area, and measurements that are unaffected by dust and other contaminants in the field of view.

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