Inertial Systems Go Deep In Underwater Apps

Inertial Systems Go Deep In Underwater Apps
SBG Systems

Unveiled as family of survey-grade inertial systems, the Ekinox Subsea Series takes on underwater applications at depths down to 6,000m. Based on MEMS sensor technology, the series includes the Ekinox-M, a Motion Reference Unit (MRU) and the Ekinox-U, an underwater Inertial Navigation System (INS). Integrating the latest MEMS sensors, Ekinox outputs survey-grade roll, pitch, and heading (0.05°) at a high update rate, making it compliant with IHO standards. An extended Kalman filter fuses inertial and aiding information (DVL, RTK GPS, etc.) in real-time and an 8-GB data logger records all collected data. For more info, visit  

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