Industry's First Neural Network DSP IP For Mobile Markets

Targeting the automotive, drone, mobile/wearable and surveillance markets, the Cadence Tensilica Vision C5 DSP is the industry’s first complete, standalone DSP IP core to run all neural network layers. It is touted as the industry's first standalone, self-contained neural network DSP IP core optimized for vision, radar/lidar and fused-sensor applications with high-availability neural network computational needs. Targeted for the automotive, surveillance, drone and mobile/wearable markets, the Vision C5 DSP offers 1TMAC/sec computational capacity to run all neural network computational tasks.


Vision C5 DSP Features and Performance

The Vision C5 DSP offers class-leading neural network performance in a self-contained engine:

•1TMAC/sec computational capacity (4X greater throughput than the Vision P6 DSP) in less than 1mm2 silicon area provides very high computation throughput on deep learning kernels

•1024 8-bit MACs or 512 16-bit MACs for exceptional performance at both 8-bit and 16-bit resolutions

•VLIW SIMD architecture with 128-way, 8-bit SIMD or 64-way, 16-bit SIMD

•Architected for multi-core designs, enabling a multi-teraMAC solution in a small footprint

•Integrated iDMA and AXI4 interface

•Uses the same proven software toolset as the Vision P5 and P6 DSPs

•Compared to commercially available GPUs, the Vision C5 DSP is up to 6X faster in the well-known AlexNet CNN performance benchmark and up to 9X faster in the Inception V3 CNN performance benchmark


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