IDE for M2M Applications from Wavecom

Wavecom SA

Wavecom SA, Issy-les-Moulineaux and its subsidiary Anyware Technologies, Toulouse, France, offer M2M Studio, an integrated suite of tools for the development of embedded software applications for industrial wireless devices based on Wavecom's wireless CPUs. The environment enables developers to create, develop, compile, download, debug, and test their applications. M2M Studio replaces the existing Open AT IDE and integrates tools including the source code editor, project build wizard, target download, RTE mode monitor, JTAG debugger, traces emulator, and development tool chain within the Eclipse Ganymede framework. The environment offers a GUI and improved GUI-based documentation. (Anyware Technologies: +33 (0)5-61-00-52-90, fax +33 (0)5-61-00-51-46)

Contact Info

Company: Wavecom SA
Phone number: +33 1-46-29-08-00
Fax: +33 1-46-29-08-08

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