Hyundai Mobis Enlists SAKOR’s Dynamometer Testing System

SAKOR Technologies, Inc. is providing a complete dynamometer testing system for electric steering systems manufactured by Hyundai Mobis, said to be the world’s sixth largest Tier 1 supplier. The dynamometer system will be used by the corporate engineering group in South Korea for engineering validation and performance evaluation of electric motors and electronic control units (ECUs) that directly control the motor during electric steering.


The SAKOR system features a 1.5-kW 4-quadrant AC motoring dynamometer. Also included is a high voltage battery simulator which provides repeatable accurate testing results for the electric steering components. The testing system communicates with the ECU via CAN bus.


Running a full suite of testing applications, the SAKOR dynamometer testing system validates proper operation of motors and ECUs in electric steering applications. The system is critical for ensuring that steering operates smoothly, with no perceptible  torque ripple felt by the driver. For more information, visit