Humidity, Temperature Transmitter from Rense

Humidity, Temperature Transmitter from Rense
Rense Instruments
The HT-748 from Rense Instruments, Danbury, CT, is a humidity and temperature transmitter designed for applications up to 150°C that require a small SS probe. The sensor offers a 0–1 VDC output corresponding to 0%–100% RH and a separate 0–1 VDC temperature signal. The device is available as a straight probe or with either a 1/8 in. NPT thread or flange for mounting. The sensor is also available with a single RH output (HX-748). Electronics are remotely mounted in a DB25 Sub-D connector at the end of the cable.

Contact Info

Company: Rense Instruments
Phone number: 203-792-8686
Fax: 203-743-2051

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