Higher g-Range Accelerometers from Kionix

Ithaca, NY and Kyoto, Japan --- Kionix, Inc. announces accelerometers with higher g-ranges, higher bandwidths, 25.6KHz sampling rates and improvements in its already robust shock-resistant MEMS elements. The KX222 and KX224 are 2mm x 2mm footprint and 3mm x 3mm footprint accelerometers designed to address a demand for increased capabilities by offering expanded measurement ranges in both amplitude and frequency.

The KX222 and KX224 offer user-configurable g-ranges of ±8g, ±16g and ±32g. Where many accelerometers have mechanical resonances on the order of 1-2kHz, these new accelerometers offer higher bandwidths with mechanical resonances up to 6kHz. To make use of these higher bandwidths and offer finer frequency resolution, sampling rates up to 25.6kHz are available. Additionally, the mechanical MEMS structures in KX222 and KX224 are built specifically for shock resistance and resilience in order to operate reliably in higher shock environments.

Samples are available immediately. For more info, visit http://www.kionix.com