Heavy Duty Pressure Transducer from Honeywell

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Honeywell Sensing and Control

The PX2 Series heavy-duty pressure transducer from Honeywell Sensing and Control, Minneapolis, MN, is a configurable SS device engineered to resist moderately harsh media such as refrigerants, brake and hydraulic fluids, engine oil, water, and compressed air. The piezoresistive sensor measures absolute or sealed gauge pressure and is available in 7–34 bar pressure ranges. The sensor is fully calibrated and compensated for transducer offset, sensitivity, temperature effects, and nonlinearity using an onboard ASIC. Total error band is ±2% over the compensated –40°C to 125°C temperature range. Applications include HVAC/R equipment, air compressors, factory automation, pneumatics, packaging/laminating equipment, foam dispensing, solar energy, and emissions monitoring.

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