Free Sercos III SoftMaster webinar

By using a Sercos III SoftMaster, a Sercos III master device can be implemented without a specific FPGA or ASIC Sercos III hardware controller. Instead, a standard Ethernet controller is used and the Sercos III hardware functions are emulated in a host-based driver software. With this implementation approach, sufficient real-time performance can be ensured for a large number of applications. If an Ethernet controller is used that operates with multiple queues and a telegram scheduler (e.g., the INTEL i210™), a synchronicity similar to that of a hardware-based master can be achieved.

A speaker from Bosch Rexroth AG will present detailed information about:

· Application areas of the Sercos SoftMaster
· The software architecture
· Features and performance
· A short outline of the demo package
· Integration into OEM machine controllers
· Tools for commissioning

Interested parties can register for the webinar via