Free 3D Files Cut Sensor Design Time

Free 3D Files Cut Sensor Design Time
HSI Sensing
HSI Sensing now offers free 3D model files for its line of reed switches and proximity sensors, downloadable from the company’s website. Users with compatible 3D modeling software can open a file and drag and drop the virtual reed switch or proximity sensor into their working design. According to Travis Posey, HSI vice president of business development, “engineers can use the files to determine not only whether the switch or sensor will fit, but precisely how it may need to be modified to conform to the footprint of a product, or to make a product easier to assemble.” To download the files and for more info, go to and email Travis Posey [email protected] Sensing (Hermetic Switch, Inc.) Chickasha, OK 405-224-4046 [email protected]

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Company: HSI Sensing
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