Feasibility Services Advance MEMS Pressure Sensor Integration

Millar, Inc., an OEM solutions partner in MEMS pressure sensor integration for catheter-based devices, improves MEMS integration capabilities through initial design sessions and feasibility studies. Medical device companies or start-ups can leverage the company's nearly 50 years of MEMS sensor integration expertise to test unique ideas and determine manufacturing and application feasibility.


Innovation emerges every day in the medical device market with lifesaving devices and advanced diagnostic capabilities entering the market. As companies are seeking ways to improve existing devices or add features to current prototypes, pressure sensors are an option that can enhance these devices with more reliable data to diagnose with better accuracy or aid in an interventional procedure. With pressure as a key measurement in human physiology, improved understanding of various pressure changes may dictate different patient outcomes.


Sensors Midwest Hits Rosemont, IL October 16-17!

Sensors Midwest, the industry's largest event focusing on sensors, design, and IIoT in the Midwest region, is scheduled for October 16-17 at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont, IL. Co-located with STMA, the event draws over 1,000 engineers and engineering professionals that are looking for access to the latest sensor advancements and will provide an opportunity to connect with the area's greatest technology leaders and suppliers.


Pressure sensor integration can provide unique challenges to companies that have not previously worked with the technology. In turn, Millar's MEMS feasibility services can help solve initial problems to accelerate innovation. The company claims it can help determine the integration options, recommend sensor sizes and types or suggest redesign ideas to help make integration possible. Ideal collaborators for feasibility study projects include potential OEM partners that are interested in integrating MEMS pressure sensors into a medical device but lack the in-house knowledge or resources. For more details, visit Millar OEM and/or make a general inquiry for information.