Expandable Desiccant Cabinets Enable Short Recovery Times

Expandable Desiccant Cabinets Enable Short Recovery Times

In addition to reliable dehumidification in a modular design at an attractive price point, the MSD Series expandable desiccant cabinets provide recovery times under five minutes after door openings. Controlling up to 3,600 liters (127 cubic feet) of storage, the cabinets rely on the company’s U 5002 desiccant unit that achieves less than 0.5% RH. As per the company, this reduces the cost of wider storage space by 50%. The ESD safe enclosures feature individually lockable doors with alarms for out-of-spec RH or longer opening times, and retractable steel shelves. For more details, visit http://www.superdry-totech.com/msd-dry-cabinets  

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