EtherCAT Encoders from Baumer

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Baumer Ltd.

Absolute ATD EtherCAT encoders from Baumer Ltd., Southington, CT, are 80 by 58 mm, offer 62 ms cycle times, and provide fast positioning, speed control, and motor feedback data to simplify communication between drives and control systems in multi-I/O equipment. Power over EtherCAT minimizes cabling requirements. The single or multi-turn encoders are compatible with CANopen over EtherCAT protocol and offer 14-bit (single-turn) or 16-bit (multiturn) resolutions. Applications include robotic arms and pick-and-place systems, automated packaging lines, material handling equipment, laboratory automation equipment, and medical imaging systems.

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Company: Baumer Ltd.
Country: United States (USA)
Phone number: 800-937-9336