Encapsulated Power Supply Pumps For Industrial Chores

Chiseled for industrial systems integration, the ENI100 100W encapsulated ac/dc power supply measures 31.7-mm wide 140-mm long. Input voltage range is from 90 to 264 Vac and the output delivers a fixed 24V at 4A. Based on the company’s flyback topology and proprietary ‘Always On’ regulation mode, the power supply intelligently ‘self-controls’ its output behavior to guarantee continuous operation and quick recovery in the case of a load or temperature fault. Additionally, the ENI100 is CB certificated according to EN60950-1 and complies with related EMC standards and class B. Within the range of applications, the ENI100 can be exposed to electrical arcs and is verified to comply with the ESD susceptibility IEC61000-4-2 +/-6kV contact discharge, and +/-8kV air discharge.


Powerbox USA Inc.

Nashua, NH